Learn about a better way to faster PC startup
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What are Windows startup programs?

 Programs that load automatically with the launch of Windows, and start running in the background from then on, are recognized as 'Startup Programs'. Too many programs at startup may play a spoilsport for your PCs speed and performance; however, having certain applications like antivirus suites, firewalls, defenders, etc. on startup can be permissible, even recommended.

While almost all applications come with an installation prompt 'add to system startup', certain programs have a by-default tendency to push themselves on to the Windows startup, without the user being clued-up.

How they affect Windows Startup and Shutdown process?

Startup programs can gorge over your system memory. If your PC is running slower than earlier and is taking visibly lower-than-usual time starting up & shutting down; well then, it may have something to do with the number of startup programs scheduled to run on your machine.

Why need to manage Windows startup programs?

Managing (sorting out) the number of startup programs that load with the launch of Windows, thereby eating away your valuable system memory and resources, can help improve PC speed and performance, there and then.

How Quick PC Startup manage startup programs?

Quick PC Startup provides you a free-flowing, mild interface to help sideline unnecessary programs from starting up with Windows. With each program removed, you get a visibly faster Windows loading the next time your boot up. There more: removing unnecessary programs from Windows startup gives your system memory a big breather in terms of greater speed and better Windows response.

How managed Startup is useful to user?

Managed system startup refers to allowing only important, safe and purposeful applications to launch with the Windows. A managed startup beautifies the speed and overall performance of your machine.